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Surviving Happiness

I’ve lived with clinical depression for over a decade now, and throughout that time I had to find my own way to understand the illness, as well as my own way of working through it, taking life day-by-day.

With the help of Nick Sousanis, I was able to compile my experience into a reiterative comic book. Following the lead of Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics and Ellen Forney’s Marbles, I sought to put onto the page how I understood depression and how I’ve dealt with it.

Unfortunately, the original comic, hand drawn in a pocket-sized sketchbook and passed around the university, has all but disintegrated. But I was able to recreate and expand when I drew the comic digitally. Until now, I’ve only been able to share the comic with my close friends and family, from the screen of my phone. But now, for the first time, it’s available to the world, on the glorious printed page. Two versions are available, the hand drawn version, or the final “cleaned up” version with three extra chapters.

Diamond Jubilee Cookbook

Women’s Development Portfolio for Australia and New Zealand

For the Diamond Jubilee, members of the Australian and New Zealand Jamat came together to share traditional and contemporary recipes in a number of events around the countries. These recipes were compiled together and I was asked to make them into a physical book, so that the Jamat could take them home and explore our culinary culture.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the country before the project was finished, but a digital version has recently been made available.



University of Calgary Gauntlet

For a few short weeks, I was fortunate enough to be able to contribute to the University of Calgary’s school newspaper, in the form of comics on the back page.

The Prophet

Written for National Novel Writing Month, where publishing was the prize for reaching 50,000 words. The Prophet is a shining example of how not everything that’s written deserves to be read. Replete with half-baked religious conspiracies, terrible character names, typos in the published work, and of course, a forced romantic sub-plot. This is (hopefully) the worst thing I’ll ever write.