Bait ul Ilm - Religious Education Classes - STEP

Primary Teacher

As a teacher, I was given the opportunity to engage with the IIS Ta’lim and a new generation of Ismailis. I got to experience and encourage the curiosity of children when it comes to exploring Ismaili history and ethics, as well as the world around us. I taught grades 3, 4, and 5 in Canada and grades 2 and 6 in Australia.

Secondary Teaching Assistant

As the Institute of Ismaili Studies trains a new generation of secondary teachers, I was given the opportunity to assist teachers in Australia and the United States. I got to help plan and implement lessons for secondary students, catering to an entirely different mentality than primary students.



al Azhar - al Ilm - Darwaz - Lock In

Content Lead

As a content lead, I was given the opportunity to create engaging and relevant activities to convey the importance of the camp theme: “Explore”. The first set of activities I designed emphasized the exploration of past cultures. The younger group found themselves in an Aga Khan Trust for Culture archeological site. Participants dug through hand-made sandstone in order to find and reconstruct important pieces of artwork from North India. The older group dug through ruins of an Ismaili library to solve clues. The second activity centered around space exploration. The younger group built rockets out of water bottles, and the older group built protection for dropped eggs.

Activity Coordinator

As an activity coordinator, I was made responsible for maintaining order between camp activities, as well as monitoring and mentoring other counselors, many of whom were counseling for the first time.


As a counselor, I acted as a mentor for the participants, maintaining both order and engagement with the various camp activities. I was also assigned as a storyteller, leading discussions and campfire activities.