Calgary Mulaqat

When the Aga Khan visited his congregation in Calgary, Alberta, I was part of the team to welcome members of the congregation to the ceremony. In addition to planning and procuring, I also worked on the ground to make sure seniors brought on shuttles to the venue, and that members from out of town could find their way around. Click here to view some graphics and documentation I created for this event.

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Ismaili Tariqa and Religious Education Board



Ismaili Tariqa and Religious Education Board

Head of Instruction

As the HOI, I made sure teachers had an understanding of the curriculum they were using in their classroom and helped teachers to be able to deliver content while managing a classroom

Vice Principal

As the vice principal of Northwest Bait ul Ilm, I hoped to bring the institution into the 21st century by creating a system of modern communication. I worked with teachers and parents to make sure that parents and students were comfortable with the content and the process of the BUI classes.



Ismaili Students' Association


As the communications representative, I was responsible for the ISA’s rebranding, as well as all marketing, both on and offline. I also worked to create social media profiles for the ISA and finding new ways to engage members.


As the post-secondary chairman for prairies ISA, I worked to encourage participation, as well as build foundations for the continuity of the association. These foundations were social, beurocratic, and financial.