Digital Marketing Assistant

Refinery Lab is a digital marketing consulting firm. We work with clients around the world to help them refine their online presence and their digital brands. I work with the Refinery Lab team and with clients to implement new strategies in digital marketing. I have created graphics for digital and print; websites, landing pages, email newsletters and digital advertisements; printed advertisements and signage; and much more. Click here to see my portfolio, including work for Refinery Lab. I also do extensive analytics, research, and conceptualization for our clients.

Copywriter - Treetrunk Marketing

TreeTrunk Marketing worked to create a modular real estate solution to bring house-selling into the home owner's hands. I worked temporarily in the development of the system, providing detailed descriptions of real estate properties in order to both sell homes and demonstrate the system.

Marketing Intern - The Masonry

As an intern, worked extensively in market research and implementation, as well as graphic design for Australian clients.


Brick Specialist

LEGO Brand Retail

LEGO has inspired children (and adults) for generations to express their creativity through building. As a Brick Specialist, I got to work closely with children, parents, AFOLs, and others to promote LEGO products and encourage creativity in Canada's first LEGO Store. I got to educate customers of all ages on new products, as well as creative ways to reuse existing products, from Star Wars to the Pick a Brick wall. I also trained two rounds of new hires on the LEGO Brand, product information and customer service.


Stockroom - Express Ltd

I worked in the stockroom for a combined store (Express and Express Men) processing all shipments, as well as organizing stock on the floor and in the back room.

Webmaster - Incredible Painting

I created a website and graphics for a local contractor, as well as assisted in manual labor.