Dil Se Studios

Logo Design - Graphic Design - Layout

I worked closely with the founder and choreographer of Dil Se Studios to design a logo that captured a traditional Indian feel. The final design features a mandala design contrasted on a simple flower outline. I also created a Hindi alternative to the English logo for promotional use.


Aga Khan Portfolio for Arts and Culture, Prairies

Logo Design - Graphics - Layout
Copy Writing - Creative Writing


I was asked to design a logo for the Arts and Culture Portfolio for the Prairies. I strived to make it both traditional and contemporary, following the aesthetic set up by other Aga Khan organizations, like the Museum where traditional designs were given a modern, minimalist reiteration.

The current Arts and Culture brochure is currently incredibly rudimentary: it has poor grammar, it’s missing contact information, the fonts are tacky, and there’s no unification. I’m currently working on a new brochure that takes advantage of everything the medium has to offer and makes the portfolio appealing and open lines of communication.

Mental Health Awareness

The Arts and Culture portfolio is putting on a performance in order to raise awareness for mental health issues, especially in the immigrant community where mental health is incredibly taboo. Because mental health awareness is very close to my heart, I took the liberty to draft a script for the play that handles the subject matter respectfully and accurately. Although this is vastly different from the script A&C will be following, this is simply a proof of concept that the subject can be presented in a way that is not harmful to those who suffer from mental illness, nor those who care about them.



LEGO Masterbuilding - Graphic Design

Designed a LEGO replica of Xenex’s Disinfectant robot. Built multiple prototypes digitally, using Lego Digital Designer. Worked with Xenex to perfect the design digitally and then made instructions to build an actual model. After some tweaking, created a final set of instructions using BrickSmith. Xenex now distributes the LEGO model as a promotional item for prospects.

I originally designed four different models, ranging in size and detail from a simple LEGO Minifigure-scale version to a large mechanical version that replicated the movements of the actual robot. The final design was a combination of the middle two designs, combining a maximum amount of detail within a minimal price range.

Following the color scheme and design of LEGO instructions, I created an easy-to-follow guide for Xenex customers to build their own “Germ-Zapping Robot”. I used Bricksmith to create 3-D models of each step in the instructions, rotated them and compiled them in Photoshop Elements 6. This layout for the instructions is scaled to fit A4 paper, allowing for promotional information to be printed on the opposite side. Xenex’s final instructions were cropped to be printed on a two sided card, included with the pieces.

The final product was delivered to Xenex who then printed instructions and ordered pieces, distributing over 200 models at trade shows.